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Surge Martial Arts

TaeKwonDo, Yoga and SurgeFIT fitness programs for people of all ages and skill levels.

Martial Arts Programs


Kid’s TaeKwonDo

Classes available for all skill levels.  Kids learn structure, discipline,  boundaries and taekwondo techniques. We are setting the groundwork, not only for future martial arts classes, but for other areas of their lives.


Adult’s TaeKwonDo

Adult classes are designed for physically and emotionally mature individuals who are ready to learn both basic and advanced techniques.  This is a great environment to foster relationships and work one on one to improve your skill set.

Surge Fitness Programs


Kickboxing Fitness

Cardio Boxing and Kickboxing. Offering personalized coaching to individuals, at any level, to help them reach their fitness goals.


Athletic & Strength Training

TRX Suspension Training. Specializing in programs for general fitness & weight-loss, sport-specific training, and tactical fitness for first-responders.

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Achieve a leaner, more flexible body and a more relaxed mind as you learn including Yoga poses, breath work and relaxation. All experience levels welcome!



Part of our SurgeFIT classes, P.U.L.S.E. is a fusion of cardio intervals, kickboxing and yoga.

We are Surge Martial Arts!

Ignite, Excite and Explore Your Potential!

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Meet Our Instructors

We founded Surge Martial Arts with the intent to create a truly student centered environment who’s core principle is to value our members. We believe building integrity, self-esteem and confidence is our foundation. We believe that humbleness defines Martial Arts. We believe techniques without character are simply movements through empty space. We believe personal growth through virtues brings meaning to this art. We believe students bring their own unique skills and physical abilities that should be valued on their own merits. We gauge techniques, dedication and progress through the lens of each student’s potential, we do not compare to others. We believe that instruction is a symbiotic process, as each student develops, our instructors are richer for the experience. We foster personal growth, not personal ego. We believe that true profit is driven from student achievement and pride, not monetary reward. We develop together as a team promoting common values, not selfish pursuits.

Corey Becker
Corey Becker

Founder, Germantown Owner,
Senior Instructor

Neil Rajadhyaksha

Menomonee Falls Owner,
Senior Instructor

Paul Scherer

TaeKwonDo Instructor Level III

Sheri Sanabria

Fitness Director and Yoga Instructor

Ron Trabeau

P.U.L.S.E. Instructor

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Two Area Schools

Our Locations

We have two full schools at both our Germantown and Menomonee Falls.  Contact us for more information about any of the schools.

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