Pulse Open House

PULSE Open House

Surge Martial Arts invites you to join us for our first PULSE Open House. We will have an actual class starting at 6:30pm immediately followed by refreshments, camaraderie and an opportunity to meet your instructor Ron Trabeau.

PULSE is a cardiovascular class that focuses on flexibility, building core strength and centering one’s self with yoga techniques. Students will improve both joint and muscle flexibility while at the same time, build and tone core muscle groups. This class focuses upon body resistance techniques, calisthenics, kicking/punching drills, dynamic stretching, interval training and plyometric movements that increases explosiveness and power.

Pulse is instructed by Ron Trabeau, who began his Martial Arts training in 1967, while serving in the Special Forces during Vietnam. Ron brings a wealth of experience, a sense of quiet discipline and a peaceful disposition to our school. But be ready to work!!

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