Congratulations to the Winners of our SurgeFEST Kick-Off Contest!

We want to wish a special congratulations to the winners of our Kick-Off Competition we had during SurgeFEST. The kids raised money by finding sponsors. The competitors had one minute to complete the most kicks that they could. In total, 10 kids competed and raised a total of $623.50 that goes directly to Germantown Youth Futures.

Student Kicks Pledges
Logan Creegan 100 $150.00
AJ Finco 97 $95.00
Charlie Finco 83 $80.00
Benjamin Ayulo 106 $48.50
Paul Davies 45 $75.00
Kenna Becker 78 $40.00
Jon Davies 40 $75.00
Abby Hughes 35 $60.00
Kylie Otto 56 $0.00
Taylor Schoenke 78 $0.00
Seth Hahn 96 $0.00
Evan Becker 97 $0.00
Bree Brandt 84 $0.00

Winners were calculated by taking the number of kicks multiplied by the amount of pledges. The top four winners will be invited to a pizza party with four of their friends. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

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